Landscape Design


LandscapeDesignSmall2Residential Landscaping

Houston Landscaping INC. would like to create “beauty” at your home. Our diverse knowledge of plant material will enable us to set any mood in any environment. Our landscape design and installation will be custom tailored with your best interests on the forefront of the project.

Houston Landscaping INC. offers a computer aided design (CAD) package for your property. This feature enables you to view you project on paper from an architectural view, 2D view, and 3D view. CAD system gives a detailed representation of your projects layout in both size and color.

In addition to custom CAD design, Houston Landscaping INC. offers a visual imagery service. This is a state of the art program designed to take a picture of your project area (i.e. Home or community) and install the landscape design around the existing structure of the area.

Why have your landscape done by a professional?LandscapeDesignSmall

A trained landscape professional will not only select items that will make your project come together with symmetry and consistency, but more importantly, they will be able to predict what the material will look like in 6 months, 1 year, and even 5 years. Important factors that need to be taken into consideration could ruin the long term appearance if not handled with care.

A few questions you or you’re soon to be landscaper needs to answer before they start the job. Some plants complement each other; which ones are they? While most plants need sunlight, which plants are perfectly happy in the shade? What will need trimming, what wont? How much water does one plant need opposed to another? Are those plants planted close together?


What are my options?

The spirit of your landscape derives itself from a style or concept we start with in the design stage. You might be looking for something: meditation in color, south pacific in nature, lush and tropical, low maintenance, or maybe more of a northern look. If you are considering less plants and more stones, your focus should be directed to a hardscape look. Keep in mind other options like: waterfalls, ponds, pools, walkways, unique collected material, and even exterior lighting. All of the above play its roll in you ambiance. We can execute at any rate.

If you have no ideas or direction yet, let us help design your project.