Lawn Maintenance


LawnMaintenanceSmallHouston Lawn Maintenance

Houston Landscaping INC. services both Commercial and Residential Properties in the Greater Houston Area. We are a licensed and insured company providing detailed maintenance year long. Our commitment to each customer extends beyond the basics.

Our comprehensive monthly service will ensure your foliage and grass to flourish during the time we maintain your property.

Our educated staff will understand how and when to trim your trees and prune your landscape material. Inquire here about our maintenance packages.


Irrigation Installation and Service

Houston Landscaping INC. has experienced construction crews with an average of 15 to 25 years in the field. We use best practices in water management engineering to install low-volume emitters, drip systems, and spray and rotating heads. Our irrigation technicians are designed to effectively evaluate and test your commercial property on a monthly basis. 

This feature will insure your plants and trees are receiving the proper amount of water to maintain a healthy appearance. 

Its important to keep you material watered on a regular basis. This promotes growth and a healthy established piece. Malfunction or clogged heads create dead spots on the grass and in the beds. Monthly checks ensures the property continue to get the coverage it needs to keep up a beautiful impression.